Fear is one of the drivers in our day to day activities.  It is only when the physical body activates a feeling of sickness, for no apparent reason of discomfort of some kind.

The feeling of 'I dont know whats wrong with me', (I am not sure whats going on).  The gift or GRACE of GOD, is an inbuilt mechanism to nudge us, that something is up. Something is not right, my working environment, a relationship, the feeling continues with its highs and lows. 

One, can only put up with it, or reach out, seek a book, music, a friend, or counselling.  The self plays to and fro with should I ring, should I change my thought, feeling, ????????

Until the mind continues to dramatise and play this confusing play of thoughts.

It is not until you push through this unknown, scary, feeling of something different that you do.  Maybe it being not going into work, and connecting with NATURE, or just doing nothing, sleeping, watching a movie.

Your INNER SANCTUARY, determined to get through the thick dense feeling, thought, lifestyle of the mundane stagnent of ill feeling. Meditate, read, get a massage, share with a friend.

We are happy to not explore the UNKOWN, so the feeling stays, does not go away.  Until the day you wake up and say enough is enough.

I am doing the things I LOVE, the feeling of TRUST, FAITH, is a really big one, (FAITH), SURRENDER, to the MAGIC of the unknown.  Be yourself and play LOVE the things you love doing and surround yourself with likeminded people.  People that UPLIFT AND see all your positive aspects.

Then you find yourself, your conscience, the one that guides you, if you hear or feel it, the UNKOWN,  the one that brightens your spirit, 

Forest Light

The soul of the forest 

Every photoshoot is like a mysterious suprise for me as the photographer.  

I also love when both client and myself discuss the details of the shoot  and the result is more than what both parties anticipated.

Daisey, a local student, asked me to capture her, just being herself, she didnt want any makeup or high fashion, just plain basics.  So I asked her to bring a couple of things that are part of her lifestyle along on the day.

On location, things never are predictable, pending on weather and in this case people. so I decided to move her into the forest, and at that time, the timing was perfect, the sun was rising.

In summary the forest was home for Daisey, she felt at ease and in tune so playing for her was a breeze.